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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Pro Bono lawyer?

Pro Bono comes from the Latin phrase Pro Bono Publico, meaning engaging in legal work for the good of the public. A pro bono lawyer provides representation to persons unable to afford the fee or a paid attorney. This representation is in the form of legal advice and representation in initial court hearings so pro bono attorneys have by law 20 hours of volunteer work to do in a year with clients demonstrating financial need.

Are there legal organizations representing the gay community?

Yes. There are a number of gay bar associations that provide a community for gay, bisexual and trans-gendered attorneys, as well as providing legal counsel to those in the gay community to ensure those persons get fair treatment within the legal system. These organizations also make progress in the areas of anti discrimination and gay marriage.

Can a person receive credit for Juris Doctorate classes taken outside of the United States?

No credit can be given to persons having taken classes outside of the U.S. unless it was an American Bar Association certified course of study. Courses can be taken in study abroad programs that have been approved. Those person having taken courses outside the U.S. would benefit from consulting the bar association for specific details pertaining to their situation.